Katadyn ceramic filter element Superdyn

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The KATADYN ceramic filter element Superdyn is a true SUPERhero for drinking water. It offers two functions at once: Microporous ceramic removes suspended solids and bacteria from water. A powerful activated carbon block inside binds unpleasant tastes, chlorine odors and dangerous chemicals that could affect drinking enjoyment. Superdyn is a two-stage filter element consisting of microporous ceramic and activated carbon that removes suspended solids and bacteria from water and binds unpleasant tastes, odors and chemicals.
The original Katadyn ceramic filter element is a high performance water filter with a filtering power of 0.2 microns. Suspended solids and bacteria are retained on the ceramic surface without the use of chemicals. The inner activated carbon block not only adsorbs free chlorine and other organic pollutants responsible for unpleasant taste and odor, but also reduces the content of lead and other heavy metals. Due to the very large internal surface of the activated carbon block, the filter element can be used for 6 months. The ceramic filter is protected by food grade plastic caps. The two-stage ceramic/activated carbon element is an indispensable element for household filter systems.
It not only eliminates unpleasant tastes and hazardous chemicals, but also ensures microbiologically safe drinking water. Due to its depth filtration of bacteria, it is able to provide 99.999% reduction of harmful bacteria and parasites. In addition, the element can also achieve 99.9% reduction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
In addition, the filter has an activated carbon block that is 1 micron in size, which further removes pollutants from your water. This filter is lightweight and compact, so it can be taken anywhere. It is also easy to use and very durable.

Manufacturer: Katadyn
Category: Camping/Survival-Filter
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