Water Filter

Water filter - why they are indispensable

With a water filter, you protect your family and yourself from the numerous contaminants and pollutants that can be present in tap water despite strict control. However, in the abundance of different products, it is not at all easy to decide which water filter is right for you. Here is a brief overview of some basic types of water filters.

Product variety for every need

Depending on the type, water filters are available as under-table or table-top variants, but also in water tank format. When it comes to complete house connections, the technology disappears directly into the cellar.

Osmosis systems

You can obtain absolutely pure water by opting for an osmosis system or a reverse osmosis system. These are usually much larger than domestic water or drinking water filters, but due to their greater complexity they also offer a wider range of filters. With an osmosis system, you filter harmful nitrite and even medication residues from the tap water. In areas with very calciferous water, you can also enjoy the wonderful experience of cold-free water thanks to the osmosis system.

Domestic water filter

You want to improve the quality of water throughout your home? Then, with some probability, a house water filter is optimal. This is installed right after the house water connection and filters every drop that is pumped into the house. In this way, you will enjoy the improved water quality at every connection in the entire house.

Drinking water filter

If you live in a rented apartment or simply want to provide optimized water quality in a specific room, the drinking water filter may be the best choice. This is installed under the sink, which is to be used for drinking water withdrawal. The filter is then installed between the cold water connection and the tap.

What mechanisms make water filter so effective?

Microorganisms or other solid particles can also cloud tap water. If you have older pipes in your house, you may be familiar with small red particles settling at the bottom of the glass that originate from the house pipe. Several different filtration methods allow you to improve water quality exactly as needed.

Activated carbon is used in most water filters, either as the sole filter principle or as a preliminary stage for further filtration processes. Anyone who wants water that contains neither lime nor pollutant or drug residues should look into osmosis or reverse osmosis. This technology originates from the aerospace and military sectors and ensures a complete separation of pollutants and water through the physical principle of osmosis. The water to be purified is heated above the boiling point and then made usable again as condensed water. The absolutely pure water convinces with its particularly soft and pleasant taste. Anyone who not only wants to improve their water supply for health reasons, but also loves valuable coffees or teas, will be thrilled by the difference that osmosis water makes in terms of taste!

Discover water filter now and live even healthier

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